Jewelry Care Instructions

Here are 5 easy care tips for your sterling silver jewelry:


All of our pieces come sealed in a plastic baggie. You can continue to keep your jewelry stored in that plastic baggie to help protect against moisture.


I can include a free anti-tarnish tab with your order. Just leave a note at checkout requesting that.


If you get your jewelry wet or dirty (lotions, soaps, etc), be sure to wipe off your pieces before putting them away or storing them.


Jewelry should never be stored in the gift boxes. The gift boxes are for presentation and gifting purposes only.


You may occasionally need to clean or polish your jewelry to keep it looking shiny and bright.


    With proper care, your sterling silver pieces will make for a wonderful lasting keepsake. If the silver starts to darken, you can use a jewelry polishing cloth. For heavier tarnish, there are many options for cleaning solutions. With proper care and polishing, your pieces will last for years to come.

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